C Column Flotation Cell

Low Energy Consumption and High Automation


In the general mineral processing process, the flotation separator is an important device for froth flotation. After the slurry is fully aerated and stirred, useful minerals are enriched to complete the flotation operation. The excellent performance of Mecru column flotation cell greatly improves the flotation recovery rate of coarse and fine particles. The operation is simple, the energy consumption and air consumption are very low, and the modular layout is allowed.

Application Areas

Technical Parameters

ModelΦDiameterFroth Zone(㎡)Feed concentration(%)Capacity(m³/h)Air Suction Amount(m³/h)

Note:Technical parameters may change, please contact us for the latest values.

Product Advantages


Work Principle

When the flotation column is working, as the impeller rotates, the slurry in the tank is sucked from the bottom of the impeller to the blades of the impeller from the bottom of the tank. At the same time, the low pressure air fed by the blower is into it through the hollow shaft and the air distributor of the impeller. After the pulp and air are fully mixed between the blades, they are pushed out from the upper half of the impeller in an upward direction, and flow stably and oriented by the stator to enter the entire flotation cell for flotation.

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