Centrifugal Gold Concentrator

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The centrifugal gold concentrator is a reinforced gravity gauge device based on centrifugal principle. In the high-power strengthening gravity field, the gravity difference of minerals with large weight and specific gravity is greatly enlarged, which makes the separation between the lightweight minerals easier than the natural gravity field; and the special material bed protection structure is Under the interaction of fluid water and interference settlement of patent technology, it can be continuously retracted. Under the above conditions, the heavy mineral particles can replace the light mineral particles to remain in the position of the light mineral particles in the selected bed, and the light mineral particles are discharged as the tailings, thereby achieving the mineral particles according to the specific gravity.

Application Areas

Technical Parameters

Feeding size(mm)0-30-40-60-60-6
Feeding density(%)0-50%0-50%0-50%0-50%0-50%
Recoil water yield(t/h)1.5-24-610-1517-2540-60
Rotating speed(r/min)800600460400360

Note:Technical parameters may change, please contact us for the latest values.

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Work Principle

At the time of operation, the centrifugal acceleration in the enriched cone can reach 60 times or more gravity. When the slurry enters the bottom of the enriched cone, the slurry is in the inner side wall of the enriched cone under the action of centrifugation. The inner wall is moved upward, and the bed is fluidized by continuously watering water in the cone in the inlet hole of the rich cone. Under the common action of centrifugal and anti-hydraulic force, monomer gold and other heavy mineral particles can overcome the resistance of water, centrifugal settlement or drilling into the concentrate bed. And the centrifugal force of the pulse mineral is small, it is difficult to overcome the action of anti-hydrolysis, and the axial direction of the axial water flow force and the axial force of the centrifugal force are discharged to the enrichment cone into tailings.

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