Trommel Screen


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Applicable materials: Used for classification and screening of medium and fine-grained materials such as stones, soil, coal, etc.
Low Working Environment Requirements
Trommel Screen

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The trommel screen is used for the classification and screening of medium and fine crushed materials. It can be used for the classification of different sized stones in the stone yard, and the separation of soil and stone powder outside the stone. In the chemical industry and coal industry, the trommel screen is used for the screening of massive and powdery materials. It has a wide range of applications and low working environment requirements. Different types of trommel screens can be customized according to different material to meet different requirements of production needs.

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Technical Parameters

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Trommel Screen

Trommel Screen

Work Principle

When the material enters the circular drum, the circular drum rotates under the action of the motor, and the material moves in the drum with the direction of rotation of the drum. The screen mesh installed in the drum has different pore sizes, and the materials of different particle sizes gradually rotate with the drum. After being screened and separated, the finished material is discharged from the discharge port under the drum to complete the screening work.

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