Talent Recruitment

Recruitment of 5 foreign salesmen

【Position responsibilities】

1、Exploit foreign trade business in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other markets;

2、Responsible for contacting customers, preparing quotations, participating in business negotiations and signing contracts;

3、Responsible for production tracking and shipping;

4、Responsible for document audit, customs clearance, settlement and other work;5、Responsible for the expansion and maintenance of customers.

【Posting Requirements】

1、Have a solid foundation in English or French, etc., can skillfully communicate with foreign customers, excellent ability to hear, read, write and translate;

2、Love foreign trade sales work, like to do business with customers from all over the world, can do "read the customer".

3、Engaged in foreign trade industry work experience for more than 1 year, have independent completion of the order experience, age 28-38 years old,major in machinery or international economy and trade;

4、Cheerful personality, acting style and mannerisms can have positive guidance and positive effect on the team.

【What we can offer】

1、Super large and bright factory integrating industry and trade, professional technical team support, united and upward atmosphere team;

2、No-duty base salary + performance bonus + monthly bonus + quarterly bonus + annual bonus + excess reward + social security + all kinds of benefits + clear promotion path, the comprehensive income in the RMB 18,0000-30,0000 ;

3、Excellent performance can be promoted to team manager, with a comprehensive income of more than RMB 50,0000 .

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