What is electrowinning?

Electrowinning is a process in which metals such as gold, silver and copper are recovered from solution through an electrolytic chemical reaction. This happens when an electric current is passed through a solution.

During this process, the electrons in the current chemically reduce the metal ions, forming a solid metal compound at the cathode (the negatively charged electrode).

The metal is deposited in a form that is easy to melt. Metals are usually extracted from ores through a leaching process and placed in solution.

Advantages of electrowinning

Electrowinning is considered as a smart solution to extract metals from any solution.

Copper cathodes electrowinning process

The copper electrowinning process is very mature, and the cell voltage, current density, copper in the electrowinning tail solution, and sulfuric acid acidity can be selected according to the properties of the stripping solution (ie, the electrowinning stock solution), the existing equipment and technical conditions of the factory to formulate procedures. The operation process is relatively simple. According to the preset solution flow rate, the electrowinning stock solution enters the electrowinning tank for electrowinning, and the copper ions in the solution are gradually deposited on the initial electrode (cathode).

Copper cathodes electrowinning process

To guarantee the quality of copper cathodes, the following items needs to pay attention to:

Electrowinning is considered as a smart solution to extract metals from any solution.

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