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500 tons per hour limestone crushing plant

This production line is mainly suitable for medium-hard limestone with an output of 500t per hour and the size is not more than 1000mm. The production line is mainly including feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sieve, belt conveyor, etc.

The stone material is evenly sent to the C160 jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for rough crushing. The rough crushed material is sent to the CI421 impact crusher by two belt conveyors for intermediate crushing. The finely crushed material is transported to the vibrating screen YK267 for screening. And the materials that meet the particle size requirements of the finished product are sent to the finished product pile; the materials that do not meet the particle size requirements of the finished product are returned from the vibrating screen to be crushed and reprocessed, which forming a closed circuit for many cycles. The granularity of the finished product can be combined and graded according to the needs of users. According to production needs, dust removal equipment can be equipped with .

This line has relatively high requirements for the layout of field equipment with a large number of equipment. In practical applications, we will arrange the layout according to the customer's own site and the design drawings provided by our company's technical department to ensure that the production line layout is scientific and reasonable and gives full of its greatest advantages.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The design of the plan is adapted to local conditions: The plan adopts a two-stage crushing production line that uses jaw crushing as coarse crushing and impact crushing as medium and fine crushing. In practical applications, the project manager of Mecru will comprehensively consider the problem of the site, make use of the height difference on the spot, flexibly arrange the equipment, optimize the design plan, and put the four words "suitable to local conditions" into full play.

2. Green environmental protection and less pollution: dry production design is used, but actual production can be equipped with dust removal, noise reduction and other environmental protection devices to effectively reduce dust, noise and other pollution, which fully comply with national environmental protection standards, easily pass the environmental assessment standards, and achieve economic and environmental benefits .

3. Good finished product quality: The sand production capacity is high, and the crushing efficiency is improved. The finished sand product produced is good, the fineness mode is adjustable, and the gradation is me reorasonable. It is recognized by downstream users, and the price in the market is increased, and the profit of the sand factory is great.

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