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200 tons per hour limestone crushing plant

Limestone is one of the sedimentary rocks which is widely distributed, easy to excavate and process. Most of limestone are fine grained with high strength and strong weathering resistance. In construction, it can be used for foundations, external walls, bridge piers, steps and pavements, and can also be used for concrete aggregates.

Mecru limestone crushing production line is configured as: stone material--silo-feeder--jaw crusher--belt conveyor--impact crusher--belt conveyor--vibrating screen--belt conveyor--finished material. The crushing process of the production line is roughly as follows: the material is sent to the C106 jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, and after the primary crushing is completed, it continues to the secondary crushing equipment CI421 impact crusher for intermediate crushing and fine crushing. After crushing the coarse crushed materials in the impact crushing, YK2460 round vibrating screen is used to sieve it. The larger particles of limestone are returned to the impact crusher for re-crushing, and the qualified grade is classified and transported to different storage piles for storage or directly transported by truck to the construction site.

Advantage Of The Program

1. Simple layout: The design of production line is simple, scientific and reasonable, which not only covers a small area, reduces construction investment by 30%, but also runs more smoothly, with simple and convenient operation.

2. High production capacity: The production line has strong production capacity, high efficiency, large output. It could produce different performance, beautiful shaped sand and stone materials according to the user's needs with more correct particle grading and more excellent performance .

3. Green environmental protection: environmental protection measures are more in place, not only with less dust, low noise, but with no tail gas pollution, which achieving the ideal green and low-carbon production results;

4. High degree of automation: The production line has a high degree of mechanization by adopting centralized control system with simple operation, less manpower needed and the labor input cost greatly reduced.

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