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Limestone mobile sand making program

The program is composed of crawler jaw crusher, crawler impact crusher and crawler sand making machine. The process is mature and complete. It is suitable for crushing sand of medium and low hardness ores such as limestone and sandstone. The finished product can meet construction, road construction and sand. The raw material demand of stone mixing plant is widely used in cement, mining, sand and other industries.

The large limestone material is coarsely crushed by the crawler jaw crusher, and the coarsely crushed material is sent to the crawler impact crusher for intermediate crushing. Finally, the crawler sand making machine finally crushes and reshapes the material. The entire production line is scientific and easy to control.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The scheme uses a three-stage crushing and screening system, which has production efficiency and can meet the needs of large output and high quality products. In addition, each device can operate independently, and perform independent operations as needed. Whether in operation or transportation, there is a high degree of flexibility.

2. According to different crushing process requirements, according to customer needs to form a "first crushing and then sieve", or "first sieve and then crush" process. And the mobile station can be combined into two sections or three sections of crushing and screening system according to the actual needs. In addition, the equipment can be operated independently, and has high flexibility in operation and transportation.

3. The integrated car body design avoids the long-term equipment infrastructure and reduces the project investment cost to a certain extent. In addition, the mobile crushing production line greatly reduces the use of on-site hopper silos, and the design specifications effectively guarantee the stable production of equipment.

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