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Limestone mobile crushing production line

Mecru limestone mobile crushing production line and gravel production line are equipped with crawler jaw crusher, crawler impact crusher and crawler screening station. During production, the large-scale limestone material is firstly crushed by the crawler jaw crusher, and then crushed by the crawler impact crusher for secondary crushing. The crushed material is sieved by a screening station, and can be sieved according to customer needs. 4 different specifications of materials to meet different material uses.

The production line adopts a two-stage crushing design, fully automatic system control, and the fuselage can be transferred at any time. This mobile and convenient stone crushing production line is remarkable in modern crushing cases, and the more it appears at the stone processing site Come more and more frequently and gain many praises.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The mobile sand and gravel production line equipment has superior strength and powerful functions, eliminating the limitations of the production crushing equipment for the work site and environment including manpower, strong mobility and reasonable and compact mechanism design, not only can freely enter and exit the site and highway Transportation, etc., and will not take up too much space, users do not need to consider the size of the venue, whether the traffic is convenient or not, worry and save transportation costs.

2. The mobile gravel production line equipment is combined with PLC automatic control system, which can automatically detect whether the equipment is abnormal or not. Workers only need to adjust the control equipment through the keyboard, which is convenient and fast. The complete production line has 2-4 people, which greatly reduces the customer's manpower. cost.

3. Mecru mobile pebble production line can be equipped with dust removal and dust reduction devices during production to reduce dust pollution and be environmentally friendly.

4. Advanced equipment. Torque walking motor technology is mature, large driving force and high reliability. The walking system adopts a full power variable open hydraulic system, which has excellent performance and can fully utilize the power of the engine. The imported servo pilot operating system is adopted, which is convenient to operate and accurate to control, and can realize stepless walking speed.

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