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Granite mobile sand production plan

Mecru granite mobile sand production line adopts a combination of crawler jaw crusher, crawler cone crusher and crawler sand making machine, which integrates feeding, sand making, screening, conveying and other systems to form a complete movable Sand production line, which is suitable for granite, river pebble, bluestone, basalt and other ores, can be processed into 0-5mm, 5-10mm specification sand, the product has beautiful grain shape and controllable grain size, can be used in construction, In the fields of metallurgy, highways, railways, energy, etc., it involves a wide range of businesses, large profit margins, profitable investors, and high investment value.

Advantage Of The Program

1. Integrated assembly design, compact structure, small footprint, low requirements on site conditions, users do not need to spend too much on installation, disassembly, lease of large venues and other expenses, and strong mobile performance to achieve free transition and flexibility It is also very convenient to go in and out of various sites and road transportation. It can be directly produced at the raw material mining place without transportation cost.

2. High-quality power system with strong processing capacity and high production efficiency. The full set of equipment is configured on the user's requirements for output and production capacity. Combined with the saved operating costs, compared to fixed sand making equipment, this cycle is obvious Shortening, the profit will rise with the rise of the water.

3. The intelligent control system realizes "one-key" adjustment and control. Workers can complete daily inspection and maintenance work almost only through the display and keyboard. The labor intensity is low and the safety performance is high. There is also a remote control device that can be controlled remotely. The cold winter or the hot summer can save you a lot of energy and hidden dangers, and users can also reduce their investment in manpower.

4. The online operation of three tracked mobile devices belongs to a high-investment, high-yield production plan, and the later period of income will be higher. This scheme can produce a variety of finished products with different specifications, the particle size is good, and the output is relatively high.

5. Three online operations, the space occupied is not very large, it is more convenient and labor-saving when moving.

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