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Basalt mobile sand production line

The sand production line is equipped with heavy-duty crawler screening station, jaw crusher, cone crusher and crawler sand making machine. It is suitable for granite, basalt, river pebble and other materials to produce fine sand.

After the ore is blasted, the blasting material directly enters the heavy-duty screening station of the crawler to separate the soil and the stone. The large stones sieved are firstly crushed by the crawler jaw crusher, and then enter the crawler cone crusher for secondary Crushing; suitable materials sieved by the screening station can directly enter the crawler cone crusher for crushing; after the cone crushed materials enter the crawler sand machine for final processing, then the screening station for sieve Separate and separate finished products with different specifications.

In this way, the content of soil after the preliminary screening of the crushed finished sand and gravel aggregates is greatly reduced, which reduces the discharge of sewage sludge in the subsequent aggregate process, improves the quality of sand and greatly improves the economy. benefit.

Advantage Of The Program

1. This scheme adds a heavy-duty crawler screening station on Maike Road at the source to screen the crushed raw materials, remove the soil from the aggregate, reduce the sand washing and desilting process in the back-end process, and improve the quality of the gravel.

2. All equipment adopts ship-shaped steel frame structure design, streamlined design scheme can effectively reduce the air resistance, the body is stable, no pile driving is required to enter the site, plus PLC intelligent operation, one-key start mode, without too much labor, saving costs; Before the equipment can be freely combined according to production needs, flexible and flexible.

3. It can meet the special requirements in the production process, and the equipment can be combined with a variety of multi-crushers to process a variety of different specifications of materials to meet the different needs of users.

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