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Gravity process of wolframite

The wolframite is brittle and expensive, so reducing the sludge loss is of great significance for increasing economic benefits. Because the size of the black tungsten ore is generally coarse, and the specific gravity of the black tungsten mineral and the gangue mineral is also very different, it is usually selected by the gravity method. When designing the beneficiation scheme of wolframite, Mecru adopts the beneficiation process with "grinding-shaker" as the backbone.

The raw ore is initially crushed by a jaw crusher. The crushed wolframite is sent to a circular vibrating sieve for sieving and classification. It can obtain ore smaller than 8mm, waste rock larger than 40mm, and qualified ore of 8-40mm. The qualified ore of 8-40mm continues to be crushed to obtain ore smaller than 8mm. The ore smaller than 8mm obtained from the two crushings is sent to the ball mill. After grinding, the ore is washed and classified by the spiral classifier. The unqualified tungsten ore powder is sent to the ball mill again. After grinding, pass the next step of re-election. The sorting equipment used in the re-election is a shaker. Through two-stage shaker sorting, high-quality black tungsten concentrate can be obtained.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The enrichment ratio of the shaker is high, and the final tailings can be separated at the same time as the final concentrate is obtained, and the granular materials can be effectively processed.

2. Sophisticated process flow, simple equipment, less investment, quick start-up and short payback period.

3. The mechanical performance is stable, the processing capacity is large, the beneficiation effect is good, the concentrate quality is high, and the economic benefit is good.

4. Low re-election cost is conducive to environmental protection.

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