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Flotation process of Phosphate rock

Phosphate rock is a kind of mineral containing oxygen rock and has high industrial utilization value. It is particularly widely used in ceramics, agriculture, food, fuel and other fields. With the increase of mining power, phosphate rock resources are becoming less and less, so We need to take certain measures to process and use phosphate rock. Phosphate beneficiation can effectively realize the comprehensive utilization of phosphate ore. In the beneficiation process, the flotation of phosphate ore can obtain more pure phosphate concentrate, thereby improving the utilization rate of phosphate concentrate.

The specific process of the beneficiation process of Mecru Phosphate Mine is as follows: First, the raw ore of the phosphate ore is continuously sent to the coarse jaw crusher through the vibrating feeder equipment, and the coarsely crushed phosphate ore is sieved by the circular vibrating screen , And then sent to the fine jaw crusher for fine crushing, and qualified materials are sent to the silo; then, the qualified phosphate rock particles in the silo are crushed and ground in the ball mill, and then enter the spiral classifier for classification and washing. The required phosphate rock slurry is sent to a mixing tank for full agitation, and then enters the flotation machine for flotation separation; the concentrate obtained by the flotation enters the sedimentation tank for dehydration.

Advantage Of The Program

1. Mature and reliable flotation process design, with automatic operating system, simpler operation and smoother work, saving manpower, material resources and other cost funds.

2. The production line has low energy consumption, sealed structure design, reducing mineral dust, noise and other pollution, lowering the air pollution index, and improving the environmental protection production effect.

3. High efficiency, large output, more durable, less failure, and ensure that the grade of phosphate concentrate processed is greatly improved.

4. The entire production line is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, with low loss and long service life, which can bring considerable economic benefits to customers.

5. The scheme design can be based on the environment, geology, climate, and a reasonable production line process design for customers to achieve the commitment of pre-sale service, in-sale service, and after-sales service.

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