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Concentration process of Manganese ore

According to the characteristics and main uses of manganese ore, its processing technology mainly includes three processes: crushing, grinding and beneficiation. Specifically: the crushed manganese ore is classified by the spiral classifier through the silo, the classified manganese ore powder enters the drum screen for sieving, and the larger particles enter the fine crusher to continue crushing and then sieving; then the classifier, sieve Separate machine for further classification and screening; after classification, materials with qualified particle size enter the jig machine for selection, and the concentrate and tailings selected by the jig machine are discharged out of the machine with a large amount of water; coarse particles screened by the vibrating screen The manganese ore powder enters a ball mill for grinding, and is sieved by a spiral classifier, and then sent into a mixing tank for stirring and then selected by a shaker. The shaker concentrate is the final concentrate and enters the sedimentation tank for dehydration.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The ore dressing program has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, and high degree of automation. It is suitable for large and medium-sized manganese ore beneficiation plants and has good beneficiation indicators for manganese oxide and manganese carbonate ore beneficiation.

2. The entire beneficiation production line uses a computer to remotely control all links, without requiring too many staff, the operation is more flexible and changeable, and the degree of automation is high.

3. Low power consumption, large production capacity, higher grade of finished concentrates, more significant market value, and no pollution of tailings, backwater, noise, dust, etc. during the operation process, green production.

4. Customizing the plan, according to the actual production site environment, output value needs, and course selection requirements of the user, make a reasonable selection and matching ratio, and configure a reasonable and economical beneficiation production line for the user.

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