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Concentration process of Magnetite ore

Generally speaking, magnetite and other iron ore magnetic separation process steps are the same. When using magnetic separation to produce ore dressing operation, the magnetite beneficiation process flow is silo) ---- Feeder ---- Jaw crusher Machine----jaw crusher----ball mill----spiral classifier----magnetic separator (fine powder can be obtained). The intermediate machines can be connected by conveyors.

The material in the silo is sent to the PE jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for initial breaking. The material after the initial breaking is screened by the vibrating screen, and the screened material enters the fine jaw broken by the conveyor. The second break, the material after the second break is sent to the storage bin by the bucket elevator to wait for the next grinding. After the materials in the storage bin are ground by the ball mill, they are classified according to the size by the classifier. The unqualified minerals are sent to the ball mill to continue grinding. The qualified minerals are sent to the magnetic separator for rough selection, and then selected After dewatering the selected materials, the corresponding mineral products can be obtained.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The magnetic separation process is advanced in technology, using a highly automated crusher, magnetic separator, etc. to reduce manual operations.

2. The utilization rate of ore can reach 90%, the water consumption in the process is small, the cost is saved, and the profit margin can be obtained.

3. Magnetic separation can realize the recycling of water resources, reduce the amount of drainage in the production process, save water costs, and reduce the impact of sewage on the environment.

4. Low requirements on the working site environment, even if the environment is not good, it can achieve high output and low consumption.

5. The structural layout of the production line is reasonable and compact, which can effectively reduce the production area and reduce the user's land investment cost.

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