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Beneficiation process of gold ore

The gold content in the ore is extremely low. In order to extract gold, the ore needs to be crushed and grinded and pre-enriched or separated from the ore by the beneficiation method. In gold beneficiation, gravity separation and flotation are used more frequently. The gravity separation method occupies a very important position in the production of placer gold. The flotation method is a widely used mineral separation method in rock and gold mines. The gold ore beneficiation line designed by Mecru adopts the re-election and flotation combined beneficiation method, and the recovery rate obtained by using this process is higher than that of a single beneficiation process.

The specific process is as follows: the mined natural gold ore has to be coarsely crushed by a jaw crusher for preliminary crushing, and then the materials that meet the particle size requirements are finely crushed again by the fine jaw crusher, and the qualified materials are passed by the elevator Send to the silo to wait for grinding. The material is sent to the ball mill for grinding by the feeding device, and then the ground fine material is sent to the spiral classifier for washing and classification, and then the material is roughly sorted by the shaker, and then sent to the flotation machine for selection. The obtained gold concentrate enters the sedimentation tank for dehydration.

Advantage Of The Program

1. Less water consumption in the production process, save water, reduce costs and reduce pollution.

2. The whole production line has scientific and reasonable flow, stable operation, high production efficiency and high final concentrate grade, which can bring great economic benefits.

3. According to the actual situation of customers' raw materials, needs, specifications, etc., design a more reasonable and economical comprehensive production line solution.

4. Mecru provides process design, responsible for equipment installation and commissioning, on-site construction guidance and technical staff training, one-stop service, peace of mind!

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