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Red clay nickel calcination process

The process of calcination of the laterite nickel ore rotary kiln can be divided into the following steps: laterite nickel ore—→water grinding—→slurry filtration—→addition of limestone and anthracite—mixing by rod mill—→pressing—→grate heating Machine preheating—→rotary kiln calcination—→water quenching—→water grinding—→jigging—→magnetic separation—→filtration—→nickel iron powder, the specific calcination process is as follows:

After the laterite nickel ore is ground by grinding equipment, the laterite nickel ore powder is mixed with carbonaceous materials, limestone, etc., ground and pressed, and then fed to the laterite nickel ore rotary kiln for roasting; the materials and coal combustion in the rotary kiln A countercurrent (relative) movement of hot air flow is generated to carry out smelting, drying, dehydration, reduction and other reactions of laterite nickel ore, and nickel metal is produced under semi-smelting conditions in the kiln.

Advantage Of The Program

1. The main energy source for smelting is coal, rather than expensive coke or electrical energy, which can minimize product costs.

2. The produced high nickel nickel iron has high quality (containing about 20% of Ni) and can be directly used as raw material for the production of stainless steel, achieving good economic benefits.

3. The sand-like finished particles produced by the nickel ore rotary kiln are quite conducive to continuous feeding and rapid dissolution as coolant materials during the steelmaking process.

4. Well-equipped. The rotary kiln adopts full negative pressure production, with smooth gas flow, stable operation, safety and reliability. The pulse bag type dust collector is used to remove dust, and the dust is reduced, which is conducive to the improvement of the operating environment. The equipment saves more than 40% of electric energy on average before the improvement, and the operation is more environmentally friendly.

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