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Gypsum calcination process

Gypsum products play an increasingly important basic role in social development and construction due to their own characteristics of green, environmental protection, energy saving and light weight, and are widely used in construction, building materials, power plants, medicine and other fields. In the production of gypsum products, the calcination process is a key link to control product quality. After years of careful research and accumulation of experience, Maikelu has developed a set of professional gypsum calcination equipment with good performance, high production efficiency and good product quality, supplemented by advanced dust collectors, which meets the national environmental protection requirements and is highly favored by the market.

Process: The gypsum raw material to be calcined is fed into the calcination furnace by the feeder. Under the action of mechanical dispersing force and hot air generated by the gas, the material undergoes the processes of dispersion, drying, calcination and strong speed homogenization. The calcined gypsum is discharged. The tail gas is discharged out of the furnace after collecting dust, and the collected gypsum is transported into the storage warehouse.

Advantage Of The Program

1. Automatic control, small temperature change range, stable product quality.

2. It is suitable for continuous production on a large scale. The heat source can be used in a variety of ways. It can be directly or indirectly heated and calcined. It can also use power plant industrial flue gas as a heat source.

3. The drying and calcination time is adjustable, which is conducive to the adjustment of setting time.

4. The gypsum calcining kiln has the characteristics of continuous feeding and continuous discharging, and can adapt to the change of raw material particle size with stable operation and high reliability.

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