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Concentrated ore drying process

At present, the concentration plants have increasingly strict requirements on the moisture content of antifreeze and packaging of concentrates, such as tungsten concentrates 0.05%-0.8%, molybdenum concentrates less than 4%, manganese concentrates 8%-9%, copper concentrates , Lead-zinc concentrate less than 8% and so on. The concentrate dewatering after beneficiation is difficult to meet the requirements only by concentration and filtration operations, and drying and dewatering are still required. At the same time, in areas with low winter temperatures (generally below -14°C), when antifreeze measures are required for the storage and transportation of the concentrate at the concentrator, drying operations should also be considered as needed.

The minerals obtained after beneficiation have a higher water content and need to be dehydrated to obtain dried minerals. The wet ore powder is directly fed into the dewatering machine by the feeding equipment, and the water is detached from the surface of the mineral by the action of centrifugal force; the dehydrated material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the dryer for drying, and is discharged by the discharge screw after drying, and the tail gas After the dust is removed by the dust collector, it is discharged into the atmosphere

Advantage Of The Program

1. Advanced drying process, using high-temperature rapid drying process, large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency, large drying intensity.

2. Wide adaptability, simple operation, small maintenance and stable product quality.

3. A special scraping device is used in the dryer to avoid the phenomenon of materials sticking to the wall.

4. The combination of high-speed agitation drying and airflow drying can fully disperse the viscous materials, greatly increasing the contact area between the materials and the heat medium, which is conducive to the drying process.

5. Strong matching, can be seamlessly connected with various production lines to achieve automation, equipment matching ability is strong, energy consumption and use cost are greatly reduced.

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