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How to configure the efficient gravel aggregate crushing line?


At present, with the depletion and limited mining of natural sand resources, artificial sand is gradually starting to be used on a large scale. Accordingly, the configuration of artificial sand production lines is also increasing. In the aggregate production line of sand and gravel, crushing equipment and crushing combinations The choice is often the first question to be considered. This article mainly introduces the comparison of the characteristics of 5 commonly used crushing equipment and the combination of 3 production lines for reference.

Domestic aggregate production crushing equipment generally adopts two stages of coarse crushing and fine crushing. Generally, jaw crusher is used for coarse breaking; impact crusher and cone crusher are usually used for fine breaking.

1) Jaw crusher

Advantages: simple structure, light weight, low price, easy installation and maintenance, small plant height request, reliable work, and easy adjustment of the discharge port, especially for high-viscosity ores with high moisture content.

Disadvantages: The lining board is easy to wear, the granularity of the crushed product is uneven, and the feeding equipment needs to be configured.

2) Impact crusher

Advantages: small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, uniform product size, good particle type, and selective crushing effect;

Disadvantages: The hammer and the impact plate are particularly easy to wear, especially the broken ore, the wear is more serious and needs to be replaced frequently.

3) Cone crusher

Advantages: Cone crusher is mainly suitable for crushing rocks with high hardness and abrasive index. Its advantages are large crushing force and stable work;

Disadvantages: expensive equipment, large investment, poor product size, multi-needle flakes.

Comparison of three common production line combinations

The factors that affect the crushing equipment and combination form of the aggregate production line mainly include production scale, capital status, maintenance and repair volume, product performance and proportion. Among the gravel aggregate production lines that have been put into production in China, aggregate production lines of 200tph, 300tph, 400tph, 500tph and other scales are more common. Production lines of 1000tph and above mainly use cone crushers or gyratory crushers for production. Due to the large investment in equipment investment and infrastructure installation costs, it is mainly used by some large enterprises.

The more common combination forms of crushing are mainly jaw crusher + impact crusher, impact crusher + impact crusher, jaw crusher + cone crusher etc.

1) Jaw crusher + impact crusher combination

Main features: Good product size, low total investment, low energy consumption, less powder, moderate maintenance and operating costs, moderate impact of noise and dust on the environment.

2) impact crusher + impact crusher combination

Main features: Good product granularity, high energy consumption, high maintenance and operating costs, large noise and dust volume, large impact on the environment, 0-5mm finished products account for a relatively large amount, mainly suitable for companies with large demand for machine-made sand.

3) Combination of jaw crusher + cone crusher

Main features: Suitable for rocks with high crushing hardness and abrasive index. The proportion of powdered materials is small, the maintenance and operation costs are low, the noise and dust generated are less than the first two, the initial investment is large, the energy consumption is high, and the product Poor grain shape (multi-needle flake).

With the use of new technologies and new materials, the crushing equipment and combination forms will also exhibit new features. For example, the technical transformation of the fine crushing cone crusher has greatly reduced the needle-shaped products. Through reasonable analysis and trade-offs of various influencing factors and the company's own situation, it is sure to be able to obtain the optimal plan choice.