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Ministry of Natural Resources: Promote the marketization of ecological restoration in mines, and waste mine materials can be sold


At present, the number of abandoned mines in my country is huge, and the lack of responsible subjects is severe. The cost of repairing some mines is even higher than the local taxes paid by mines. It is extremely difficult for the government to repair abandoned mines!

How to reduce the cost of mine repair, and make the repair enterprise balance of payments, has become the hot spot and difficulty of current mine repair! In particular, the issue of the "legitimacy" of the sale of sand and gravel aggregates prepared from waste rock in the process of repairing abandoned mines needs to be resolved urgently.

With the end of the consultation of the Ministry of Natural Resources on the establishment of an incentive mechanism to accelerate the advancement of mine ecological restoration, the "Opinions of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Exploring and Utilizing Market-oriented Ways to Advance the Ecological Restoration of Mines" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") was officially released.

"Opinions" clearly:

For the restoration of historically left open-pit mining mines organized by local governments, the soil and stone materials newly generated due to slope reduction and load reduction and the elimination of hidden dangers of geological disasters and the soil and stone materials left in situ can be used for this restoration project free of charge;

If there is indeed a surplus, it can be sold externally, and the county-level people's government will be included in the public resource trading platform. The sales proceeds are all used for ecological restoration in the region. If the social investment entity undertakes the restoration project, its reasonable income should be guaranteed;

Strengthen the supervision of waste soil and stone disposal projects to prevent various violations of laws and regulations.

The official release of the "Opinions" provides policy support for the ecological restoration of abandoned mines in my country. The ecological restoration of mines will have a continuous source of "funds" that "take it from the mountain and use it from the mountain."