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Shenzhen raises the first quota of construction waste


Recently, the Shenzhen Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau has recently issued and issued the Standards for Construction Waste Discharge Limits ("Quota Standards") and "Technical Standards for Construction Waste Reduction and Comprehensive Utilization" ("Technical Standards"), For the first time in the country, the construction waste emission quota indicators for construction projects were proposed, the construction waste reduction and comprehensive utilization technical measures were clarified, and the construction waste emission reduction, disposal and resource management and management standardization were further promoted.

"Quota Standard" follows the principle of "compulsory emission reduction and encourage comprehensive utilization", and has established a four-category construction waste emission quota index system for construction waste, demolition waste, construction waste, and decoration waste.

"Technical Standards" is the first domestic construction waste reduction and comprehensive utilization standard covering the technical requirements of construction projects from planning, scheme design, construction drawing design, engineering construction to inspection and acceptance. It provides technical measures for meeting the "Quota Standard" of construction projects.

At present, the average annual production of construction waste in Shenzhen exceeds 100 million cubic meters. Shenzhen’s land resources are extremely scarce. Source emission reduction and comprehensive utilization will become the main direction of construction waste disposal in the future, and it is also to achieve the long-term goal of zero solid waste filling in the construction of wasteless cities. The promulgation of the above two standards provides standard technical documents that can be followed for the emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of construction waste in Shenzhen, and fills the domestic gap.