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Henan's first 5G+ unmanned mine project settled in Henan Energy


On November 25, 2019, Henan Energy Chemical Group Coking Coal Company and China Mobile Henan Company signed a 5G strategic cooperation agreement. This project is the first unmanned mine project in our province based on "5G+".

Earlier, some media learned at the 2019 China International Mining Conference that open-pit mines are one of the ideal landing scenarios for 5G technology, and "5G + unmanned driving" will become an important application direction for the intelligent development of mines in my country. The data shows that compared with manual driving, the overall cost of unmanned driving can be reduced by more than 15%, and 500 hours of additional work per year. In addition to economic value, unmanned driving has also solved safety issues, and the industry will not be affected by personnel fluctuations.

The "5G+" unmanned mine project of the coking coal company is mainly aimed at the construction of the company's Qianye cement mine. The project is divided into two phases, and a total of 14 5G base stations are invested, which can realize the unmanned driving of 60 unmanned vehicles, the 5G remote control of 13 excavators and 10 rigs, and realize the shoveling, loading, and transportation of open-pit mining areas. The whole process of unmanned operation has greatly improved the safety, mining efficiency and resource utilization of non-coal mine production.

Since China Mobile entered the Qianye cement mine in late August, six 5G base stations and lines have been basically laid. It is expected that the first phase of the project will be put into use by the end of November.

After the project is completed and put into operation, in addition to loading and unloading explosives at the mine operation site, crushing, digging, loading, transportation, monitoring, etc. will fully realize unmanned remote operation, and truly meet the requirements of "mechanical substitution, automatic reduction of personnel, intelligent efficiency improvement". . According to the calculation of 13 million tons/year of mine mining, it is expected to save more than 12 million yuan in labor costs every year. At the same time, all the transportation vehicles on site use unmanned pure electric vehicles instead of traditional diesel vehicles, and the drilling rigs use pure electric air compressors instead of traditional Driven by diesel air compressor, it is expected to save more than 18 million yuan in material cost every year.