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Chairman of Mecru attended the ninth executive meeting of the 7th China Sand and Stone Association


On July 19, 2019, the 6th China International Sand & Aggregate Technology Conference with the theme of "Technology Leading, Integrated Development" was officially opened in Shenyang. In order to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of sand and aggregate industry, technological progress and structural adjustment, further improve the production level of sand and aggregate products and equipment manufacturing, promote the development of the industry to high quality and green direction, and exchange the latest achievements and advanced practical technology of the industry To promote the scientific and technological progress of the aggregate industry, the chairman of Mecru Heavy Industry was invited to attend the meeting of the Standing Council.

The Standing Council discusses:

Yesterday, the meeting was chaired by Hou Hairong, Vice Chairman of China Sand and Stone Association. The Vice Chairman, Executive Director and related personnel of China Sand and Stone Association attended the meeting.

China Sand and Stone Association first summarized the work in the first half of 2019 and made a report in the second half of the year. Hu Youyi, president of the China Sand and Stone Association, made important comments. At the same time, President Hu said that China Sand and Stone Association will always be committed to communicating and implementing The relevant policies, laws and regulations of the Party and the country serve the industry, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the industry, improve the economy, technology and management level of the industry, improve the quality of economic operation and economic benefits, promote the innovation and development of the industry, and promote the sustainability of the entire industry. Orderly and healthy development.

This meeting called on colleagues in the aggregate industry to accelerate development through innovation, accelerate industrialization, modernization and environmental protection. In terms of business philosophy, management model, process technology, crushing and screening equipment, standard specifications, inspection and testing, solid waste synthesis Continuous innovations in utilization and mine ecological environment restoration have further improved the manufacturing level of gravel aggregate products and equipment, and promoted the development of the industry towards high quality and green direction.

Aggregate is an indispensable raw material in engineering construction. Due to the transitional mining of natural river sand, many places face the problem of river sand resource depletion and ecological destruction. Therefore, the replacement of natural river sand with machine-made sand has become a general trend, which has led to artificial production. The development of the sand industry. And when the sand making industry is developing in full swing, problems will follow, such as backward sand making technology, poor sand particle size and granularity, unqualified gradation, excessive stone powder content, low sand formation rate, resulting in waste of resources and pollution in the production process. Major issues have become increasingly prominent. How to produce high-quality machine-made sand in an environmentally friendly way? How to grasp the harmonious symbiosis of economic development and ecological environment?

Mecru Heavy Industry is a large-scale mining machinery equipment manufacturer specializing in the development and production of crushing and screening equipment and industrial milling equipment. For many years, it has been committed to improving the performance of sand making technology and sand making equipment, and developed the C series impact sand making. High-performance sand and stone crushing and shaping equipment. Not only has strong processing capacity and high sand making efficiency, but also has a low powder output rate and large output, and the finished sand and gravel have a perfect grain shape and gradation, which fully conforms to the national building sand and aggregate standard and is a high-quality concrete material .