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Shanxi Ankang 200 tons basalt crushing production line

Shanxi Ankang 200 tons basalt crushing production line
Project Description

Applicable material:basalt

Outlet size:20-40mm

Scope of application:highways, railways, construction projects

Processing capacity:200T/H

Project Benefits

The Mohs hardness of basalt can reach 7, with the characteristics of high hardness, high strength and wear resistance. Therefore, in the process of basalt processing and crushing, if unreasonable equipment is configured, it will cause a lot of trouble to stone producers. After many comparisons, this customer from Shanxi Ankang is optimistic about Mecru’s rich stone crushing experience. After visiting the case of our company on the spot, we reached a cooperation with our company. At present, the project has been successfully put into production.

The advantage of project

1.Three-stage crushing, better effect

The production line adopts a three-stage crushing process and uses jaw crushing as coarse crushing equipment. Two single-cylinder cone crushers respectively complete medium and fine crushing of materials. The process is complete, the crushing effect is good, the aggregate particle shape is excellent, and the needle content is small.

2.Intelligent control system, green and environmental protection

Green environmental protection is the mainstream trend in Dangjin society. The main equipment of Maike Road Heavy Industry is equipped with PLC intelligent control mode and dust removal system to ensure the high efficiency and environmental protection of the entire production line.

3.Efficient production and easy to maintain

The production line adopts single-cylinder hydraulic cone as the second and third stages of crushing, with high production efficiency and strong bearing capacity; it adopts full dilute oil lubrication, no manual refueling per shift, easy maintenance and low operating costs, saves labor costs, and the finished stone has excellent particle size.

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Customer Reviews

Mecru is a direct manufacturer, not only has a certain price concession, but also a very good performance of the equipment, the entire production line is not only easy to operate, but also the equipment operation efficiency is extremely high, even the operation cost is far lower than ours budget. After-sales service is also in place, it is true to choose Mecru!

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