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Slime drying in Shanxi

Slime drying in Shanxi
Project Description

Applicable material:Slag, coal powder, slime and clay etc.

Outlet size:10-20mm

Scope of application:Drying of slime, raw coal, flotation clean coal, mixed clean coal and other materials

Processing capacity:1200tpd

Project Benefits

In response to the national call for energy saving and emission reduction, a certain energy company in Shanxi, through various inspections and verifications, finally decided to purchase the drying equipment of Mecru. The slime dryer production line adopts the latest environmentally friendly slime dryer technology structure, the noise coefficient is continuously optimized, the exhaust dust concentration meets the latest industry emission standards, and the green recycling of slime resources is realized. The commissioning of the equipment provides customers with slime treatment. Strong support. According to the operator's introduction, the operation of this equipment has been normal so far, with very little maintenance, saving coal and electricity.

The advantage of project

Strong anti-overload capability, low energy consumption and low drying cost.

The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon of the inner wall of the cylinder, and has a stronger adaptability to the moisture and viscosity of the materials.
The new feeding and discharging device eliminates the feeding jam, discontinuousness, unevenness and material return of the drum dryer, which reduces the load of the dust removal system.
The investment has high economic benefit and high degree of automation.

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Customer Reviews

The establishment of a cooperative relationship with Mecru is because I went to the company to test run the machine before and did a very comprehensive understanding, thinking that this company has the ability to undertake our project. Up to now, the production line has been very stable and has continued to bring profits. The quality of the equipment is reassuring, and the service is very attentive. No matter how small the problem is, the technician will give us a very serious answer, which makes us very moved.

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